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Wat nog meer?

We have build platforms for about 15 years. We made video-on-demand services, Big Forums, and multivendor Marketplaces. Our new platform is followthehive.com in association with AWG New York, Best1 World Media, Adworks, and Hive Five. Check it out now!


We build multivendor marketplaces as strong and reliable services, for use with thousands vendors, all with automated processes. Starting from the host environment we use all technologies of tomorrow. At multivendor admall for example we use Amd epyc 32 cores with 256 Gb Ram mirroring red hat servers, and all databases are postgreSQL.

Streaming is the difficult part on the web. We have built streaming platforms with streaming servers support from ant media. A platform that we build and maybe you know is the netflix-like uk based wirestream! We made all the core components on the platform and we connect the payment services for subscriptions. Design and testing have made from other companies